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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Jo Brand

I hate Jo brand, she is the epitome of everything that I find painfully unfunny in a comedienne. For those that are oblivious as to who this gargoyle is, I will briefly sum her up in the most constructive way I can. Jo Brand is a stand up comedienne that focuses her material solely on pointing out the flaws of the male gender, and talking about her weight in a comedic way. She is like a personification of the opinions of the panel of "Loose Women"! Somehow she manages to appear on panel shows, yet never says anything particularly funny or constructive.
I know that I am probably not part of her audience demographic, but I find myself incensed with rage everytime I'm subjected to her mediocre wit. These are my top reasons for wanting to kick the TV everytime her dumpy face appears;
  • Almost 100% of her jokes revolve around male flaws and inadequacies that are so painfully obvious that they aren't worth highlighting. "Last night my husband fell asleep, snored and did a fart....." AND? Oh...that was the punchline, excuse me while my sides split. She is the female equivalent to the working men's club "take my wife" routine, which has never been funny!
  • Trying desperately to appear to not care about her weight. Jo Brand is constantly making references to the amount that she eats, which she believes will appear to be inspiring for other woman that have weight problems. "So last night I had a whole cake, naughty naughty! Next stop my thighs! YOU GO GIRL! If your weight wasn't an issue then why mention it every 5 minutes?
  • She feels the need to talk about the issue of sexism and gender equality at any given chance. I have read several interviews with Jo Brand in which she woefully claims that throughout her career she has had to fight against the patriarchal nature of the television industry in order to get to where she is now. I respect that in many ways, as she doesn't have the conventional looks that television producers predictably favour...but is it not counter productive for gender equality if she uses her position to relentlessly belittle men? I'm not saying that its not okay to harmlessly poke fun at the obvious differences between the two sexes, but to base your whole career around that....really? Sorry Mrs Brand, you're not part of the solution...you're part of the problem.
I know that women have had a pretty fucking awful time at the hands of men in the past, but I feel absoloutely no guilt for this. I was raised to respect women and treat them as my equal, so I am completely unable to relate with her supposed "feminist" rants about the way in which men foolishly objectify and interact with women. Nobody is perfect, and a few sub par fart gags do not make you a feminist icon! Give it a rest!


  1. Yeah she has mediocre wit at best. But in fact i hate most comedians anyway. They are all lazy, self-deprecating losers. Bunch of smart arses!

  2. I found this page by literally typing "Hate Jo Brand" to find out I'm alone. I'm satisfied to find I'm not remotely alone.

    Stop me if you've heard this one. "...Sounds like my husband"

  3. I did the same thing lexian. I just don't get it at all. I also hate that Alan Davies he's the dreadful too

  4. I did the same thing lexian. I just don't get it at all. I also hate that Alan Davies he's the dreadful too

  5. Yea i fucking hate that beepy voiced sloathe that sounds like she has a kazoo lodged somewhere in her nasal tube. And that 40 year old boy Alan Davies. Both of them get money for nothing.