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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Anne Robinson (The Weakest Link)

Anne Robinson, the self proclaimed "queen of mean" is one of my most hated TV personalities. Whether this decrepit old mummy is incessantly complaining about consumer standards on "Watchdog", or unimaginatively insulting the contestants on "The Weakest Link" she consistantly manages to leave me feeling irritated that I am unable to jump into the TV screen and bring her down a peg or two!

If you are a unfortunate enough to be a contestant on "The Weakest Link" and happen to have a funny name, unusual voice, slightly flat chest, hair style or anything that makes you stand out in any way....Anne Robinson will hungrily pounce on this and desperately squeeze as many sub par insults as possible out of it. This requires absoloutely no intelligence or wit, and her affront remarks resemble those that you would hear from a petty school bully. If this isn't bad enough, the contestants are subjected to further humiliation by this stone faced old hag as she forces them to sing/dance and generally make fools out of themselves on national TV (something which she unintentionally does on a daily basis). This is a blatant exercise in inflicting embarrassment on her hapless contestants, which often makes for some incredibly uncomfortable viewing.

What I find particularly annoying about all of this is the fact that if a contestant were to insult her in the same blatant style that she insults their flaws and inadequacies, there would be so many things that they could use against her. Ginger hair (sorry freckles), a history of alcohol abuse and the fact that she is essentially a wolf that has been drastically stretched, snipped and stapled into sheeps clothing could be mercilessly used against her, which I doubt she would enjoy!

I understand that her pantomime esque villain persona is probably exaggerated for the sake of entertainment, but I still find it to be callous and insensitive. I'm just waiting for the day that somebody wipes that shit eating grin off her mouth by retorting to one of her indignant snubs and pointing out the fact that without a regular supply of botox, her face would collapse in on itself and resemble a geriatrics scrotum attatched to a ghoulish plastic cadaver!

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