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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

#1 - 'Whacky' Students

Good fucking god, I hate students. Having lived in a student area in Leeds for nearly 5 years, I am sick and tired of the mere fucking sight of them. I can't quite put my finger on why i hate them as a whole, I think I just hate a certain group of them... Unfortunately that group is so large and so loud, that they tar the entire student population as a whole.

By 'Whacky' Students i mean the total pricks who dress up like the 118 runners, or John Mcenroe, or cave men, or Lady GaGa and go on pub crawls screaming catch phrases and generally acting like the worst human beings ever. See below...

Why would anyone do this? WHY WOULD YOU THINK IT'S FUCKING FUNNY?!?!

Basically what I'm talking about is this abomination - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otley_Run I used to live in between two of the pubs on the Otley Run and was regularly kept up all hours by pricks shouting things like 'TO ME, TO YOU' or 'I'VE GOT YOUR NUMBER' or 'LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS...'

I've seen them running up to total strangers giving them shit, running in front of cars, kicking footballs at cyclists and getting on buses, refusing to pay and then screaming at the driver that they are students, and will be earning 'ten times' what they earn. i just don't understand how people can be so arrogant as to come to anther town and act like they own it. Basically, fuck off, you loud mouth, pretentious, stuck up cunts.

I really hope they raise tuition fees. Christ, if you're going to do a medical degree, or study Law or something useful to the world, then you should get in for free. But if you going to go away to university, being a fucking menace and a cunt and come home three years later with a 2-2 in Media Studies or Communication Studies, you should have to pay through the fucking nose. The world needs ditch diggers, stop putting off the inevitable and get a job you dirty fucking stop outs.

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