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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Lens-less Glasses

Did I miss the memo? Why are people wearing glasses when they have 20-20 vision? Oh....it's fashionable (REALLY?)! Lens-less glasses are apparently "in" at the moment, a fact which both baffles and angers me. I know that the fashion world is a strange and confusing place, but immitating somebody with poor eyesight for the sake of style is insane! These are surely the most contrived fashion accessories available, and they serve about as much purpose as a condom machine in the Vatican!

It just puzzles me as to why somebody would want to copy the style of those that have the misfortune of having poor eyesight. Since when have physical afflictions been fashionable What next? Will crippled legs be in fashion next season? Should I walk about on some Louis Vutton crutches? Maybe that old trendsetter Proffesor Stephen Hawkings will become fashionable, and we'll all roll around in Fred Perry wheelchairs controlled by our mouths, talking with an artificial voicebox and bathing in our own excrement?

I know that it's wrong to assume that somebody is intelligent because they are wearing glasses, but this is a stigma that is absurdly attatched to the optically challenged. If the lens-less glasses wearer is attempting to make themselves look more intelligent, then they have tragically failed. If you're so clever then protect yourself against my fingers poking you in the eyes through your ineffective, unprotected idiot goggles!

If you are visually impaired and legitimately need to wear glasses, then I fully advocate your right to buy stylish frames....go nuts! Basically unless you're Superman and the glasses are merely part of the disguise of your alter ego, take those fucking ridiculous things off! You look like a pastiche of a cheap fancy dress pensioner costume!


  1. Don't ever move to London, it's full of these twats (especially east london - ugh!) This video pretty much sums it up...


    Loving the blog btw Stu! Hope you're well! :)x

  2. I don't see that wrong with them, iv never had a pair but i think they look very cute! its an accessory and people like to change there look sometimes, that's why people dye and cut their hair, it helps bring a new look. i want to have a pair not so i can look smart, but because there cute :3

  3. http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-magazine-monitor-28357269

  4. http://metro.co.uk/2015/12/05/this-woman-responded-to-kylie-jenners-wheelchair-photoshoot-by-creating-her-own-5545849/
    Things never change.