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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Self Checkouts

I fucking hate going to supermarkets. Being surrounded by so many morons in such a small space is torture. Honestly, I fucking dread it. So when supermarkets started using 'self checkouts' I was fully behind the idea. I would no longer have to stand in a line surrounded by the dregs of society, listening to them moan about their disgusting lives. Only to then be greeted by a checkout workers forced smile and having my shopping hurled down the till to me as I hurriedly try to ram it in plastic bags...

Unfortunately, self service check outs are one of the worst inventions in history. They never ever fucking work.

Do you have your own bag? Yes.
Place bag in bagging area. OK.
ERROR, UNKNOWN WEIGHT IN BAGGING AREA. Wait, what? No, that's my bag
The Assistant is coming...

So you wait for the assistant to show up, unfortunately all the machines are dog shit so you have to wait a while... After he finally arrives he scans a little scrap of paper and enters his code. Then he re-enters his code. And then RE-re-enters his code... Eventually you're back on track.

Scan first item. OK.
Place item in bagging area. No problem.
The Assistant is coming... What? Why??

So the prick bumbles along and fixes it again.

Scan next item. Eurgh... ok.
Place item in bagging area. If you say so...
The Assistant is coming... OH FUCK OFF!!!!

I realise that when you roll out new technology, there will always be problems. But fucking hell... These things are an absolute nightmare. The real ballache with it is that these monstrosities have replaced the 'ten items or less' lanes. So now when you go into a super market to get a few things, you either have to queue for a fucking year behind people with a trolley of food, or deal use these useless pieces of shit... FUCK. YOU.

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  1. It's like they can't figure out you may have something else in your bag like idk your keys and then when youve finally managed to convinced it that youve put everythig in the bag it finally decided to accept it starts yelling at you to "take your change, take your change, take your bags, take your bags" I actually hate these things so much I swear at them every time "fuck you you fucking piece of shit I'm going to make you wait now!!"...yet I always use them