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Friday, 7 January 2011


I fucking love eating meat. Pulled pork, burnt ends, steaks, ribs, legs of lamb, belly pork, guinea foul, pheasant, we eat it all in our house and it's the fucking tits... Wait, what's that? Oli Sykes says you should be a vegetarian?! FUCK, why did no-one tell me sooner!

I can't believe I've been eating meat... I mean, I knew it was dead stuff, but I didn't know it was KILLED by someone?! WHY DID NO-ONE TELL ME THIS BEFORE?!?!!!!

Fuck off PETA, you fucking cunts.

I was a vegetarian for around four years. I'd just moved out of home (where vegetarian was a dirty word) I was living with a Veggie and I stopped eating meat for sake of convenience. It was alright. I began to cook more things, eat more veg. But alas, as is the way with 18 year olds, I took it a little far. I noticed that pretty much everyone around me was a vegetarian and I got a bit 'right on' about it. I put a shitty 'anti-carnivore' sticker on my shitty guitar and I put a little sign on the freezer of our flat that had chicks saying 'we are not nuggets' (though I mostly did this just to annoy Phil from Omerta). It was just what you did, you moved out of home, joined a three chord punk band and went vegetarian... Dark days. Eventually I gave it up for a Christmas dinner and it was the best meal of my life.

I have nothing against many vegetarians, a lot of my best friends are vegetarian or vegan and that is fair enough, good for you. But what I hate is preaching fucking 'shove it down your throat' vegetarians, take a bow PETA. The problem is, PETA really do think that they are better than everyone else. They believe their opinion is the right one (and who doesn't) but the important difference is that they are totally against hearing anyone else's point of view. They believe that they are correct and it is up to them to change the world. If you go on their web page you can look for 'Activist resources' and get leaflets to hand out in and effort to 'educate members of the public'

FUCK OFF YOU ARROGANT CUNTS. OK, the general public are fucking stupid I admit, but I'm sure that everyone who eats meat realises that it's a dead animal. They don't need to be 'educated' And nowhere does this anti-meateater bullshit happen more than in the 'punk' community. I fucking hate going to gigs, going to look at merch and seeing there is a PETA table next to it with some hippy behind it acting self righteous and playing videos on their laptop of pigs being strung up and killed. Fucking Propagandhi was the worst. Between that, the amnesty stand and the 'ethical' merch* being shoved in your face, they have to be the most up themselves band I've ever played with.

OK prick, think; you're doing this at a 'punk' show... What's the point?! I'd say 90% of punks are/have been veggie or vegan. You're flogging a dead horse (don't worry PETA, there's not really a dead horse, you don't need to make a You Tube advert about it) If you really care about this, go to the streets, go to village markets or stand outside butchers and hand out your propaganda. If you really cared about changing peoples minds rather than looking cool, that would surely be better, right?

And that's what it boils down to, PETA isn't a fucking activist group, it's a fashion statement. Getting bands like Bring me the Horizon, or Rise Against, or Paramore to make videos of themselves talking about how cool it is to be vegetarian is awful. What PETA is hoping for is 13/14 year olds will run to their parents and say 'Mum/Dad, I'm a vegetarian' What a fucking waste of time. By making vegetarianism a cool and sexy thing, you've made it a fad. When these same kids grow up and think 'fuck me, BMTH are awful, what was I doing?!' they will also give up being veggie. You did NOTHING to put a serious message in their mind about eating meat.

Like all choices in life, what people need is information from both sides to make an informed decision. They don't need shock videos of pigs being herded into an industrial mixer, bird's beaks being cut off and small baby cows being tied down, whilst being told 'THIS IS HOW ALL MEAT IS PRODUCED' Because eventually when they grow up they will realise that there are ethical, local farms that slaughter humanly and that Oli Sykes lied to them, they will realise you are full of shit.

I know that when I eat meat, what I'm doing is eating the carcass of a small defenseless animal that used to frolic free in the fields with Bambie and Thumper. Running from copse to copse playing '1,2,3 and in' with the other animals of farthing wood until some mean red-neck hunter came along and kicked it to death. I know that PETA and I'm sorry to say I just don't fucking care.

Well done Alicia Silverstone, you can now add 'vegetarian' to your already sizable list of life achievements.

*Also, on the point of 'ethical merch' My old band tried to order our shirts from the same place as Propagandhi (not my choice) it was a working mums co-op in the US. We were told they were out of black shirts in Small and Medium and wouldn't have any for another three months... GOOD MERCH.


  1. Please keep this blog going! Amazing read.

  2. Oli Sykes is a colossal prick and his 'music' is fucking atrocious.
    I get why you became vegetarian, because on a shoe string Uni budget, having to buy separate meals must have been a pain, and therefore you probably did the right thing.
    But in general, it definitely has become a fashion statement. PETA should be focusing more on preventing the killing of animals for fur and things that aren't necessities, rather than food. Bastards