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Monday, 20 December 2010

Band Photoshoots

Well, well, well... where to start... what is the fucking point in this shit? Christ...

So, you're in a band with your friends. You have a few practices, you record a demo and play some gigs. But what's next? What can you do to make people think you're an awesome band? Writing better songs is a bit too hard... WAIT! GO TO THE WOODS AND GET SOME PHOTOS DONE!!! BOOM! Money making idea. But wait... "what do we wear?!" Well. You've all got tats right? Why not a v-neck! NICE.

I don't even know who I hate most, the guy who suggested it, or the people that went a long with it.Unless you're in Bon Jovi, your band does not need to do a photo shoot. If you want photos of you and your friends, I'm sure there will be plenty. Between going on tour, hanging out with each other and the 10-15 'photographers' at every gig these days, you will have plenty of pictures.

I'm not talking about photos that just happen. If you're all in the same room doing something and someone takes a picture, fine, that's just a picture. I'm taking about the above orchestrated mess, there is never a need for you to plan to go to a location, stand around in formation, looking moody and have a friend take your photo. You're not JLS, it won't convince people to listen to your music, and if it DOES, they aren't the kind of people you want listening to it in the first place.

Aren't people into alternative music always slamming pop for being image obsessed? Aren't general rock kids always moaning about the x-factor saying it just picks good looking people to make stars? Well what the fuck is this?! Why would you give a shit what a band looks like? Why would you want to see a band you like, stood around together in front of an abandoned building, covered in graffiti?? No-one has ever liked a band I've been in because we've been good looking, BELIEVE ME (then again, no-one has ever liked any band that I've been in).

And the worst part is, it leads to shit like this. LAZY FLIER MAKING.
Nothing about this flier promotes the gig, except the way the band looks. No descriptions, no artwork, no live shots, no nothing. It's basically saying 'HEY GUYS! YOU LIKE HAIRCUTS RIGHT?! WELL LOOK, THESE GUYS HAVE HAIRCUTS TOO!! YOU'LL LIKE THEM!!! COME TO THIS!!!!!'

Eurgh. Just fuck off, music's full.

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