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Saturday, 4 December 2010


I really fucking hate how being 'random' is now somehow cool now. My TV is now completely clogged up by 'random' adverts, like this


What the fuck is this all about?!?! It really infuriates me. It's not just adverts though, people (idiots) seem to constantly be striving to be seen as 'random' in an effort to make them seem funny or interesting and whacky. Some girl posted a facebook status this morning saying 'Randomly on a train to Leeds!!' ...Be honest, that's not random. You didn't blink and suddenly, BAM! You're on a train. You woke up and thought, 'i'm going to go to Leeds today', so you walked to the station, purchased a train ticket, waited on the platform and got on a train. NOTHING about that is random, you fuckwit.

Stupid shit like this really fucks me off too http://quizilla.teennick.com/quizzes/8738707/omg-this-is-like-so-random

I especially despise the way the writer had mixed lower and upper case letters in the title, just so you know he's REALLY cool. Christ. If you're life isn't interesting enough and you feel you need to act 'crazy' to get through the day, you are slowing down the progress of all mankind, just kill yourself.

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