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Monday, 13 December 2010

Rude shop assistants

This weekend I finally began the joyless task of Christmas shopping. There are very few things I find more frustrating than the general public on a shopping spree. Forever pushing past you, piling in and out of shops carrying handfuls of bags, dragging around there screaming kids and generally getting in the fucking way. Shopping is already a pretty infuriating experience, but when you get rude shop assistants too, the whole thing just becomes an ordeal.

I was after a record or two so I headed straight for one of the shops on the lanes. I had only a vague idea of what I wanted to get so I flicked through the vinyl section looking for something like She and Him or Best Coast etc... I couldn't find anything. Then I realised the music on the stereo was Laura Marling. Wicked, good choice. Look for the 12", nothing there.

So I walked up to the counter, caught the eye of a particularly 'hipster' looking member of staff and said something along the lines of 'Excuse me, sorry to bother you, but do you have this on vinyl? I can't see it' - This is a pretty reasonable request, you work there, I have a question about a product you sell. But instead of saying 'No, sorry' he tossed his pen onto the counter, looked at me, shrugged his shoulders and said 'they never even released it on vinyl, mate' Then turned around and walked off... FUCK. YOU.

I've met my share of rude people, fucking hell I am a rude person, but if you work in a shop, don't get cunty when a member of the public asks you a question. Record stores and comic book shops are often the worst. It's like the people who work in them revel in the fact that they have a superior knowledge to you. I'm sorry I didn't know that record wasn't released on vinyl, but HOW WOULD I KNOW THAT?!?! You only know because you fucking work there! It's your job to know shit like that, you hipster dickhead.

I gave up after that and decided to look for something for Sam. I found something small in a little shop, took it to the counter and paid for it, I think if cost about £2 (lucky lady). I'd only just been to the cash machine and all I had was a twenty pound note, so I handed it over. I then got 'don't you have anything smaller?' when I said 'No' the sales assistant sighed and swore under her breath. FUCK YOU. YOU WORK IN A FUCKING SHOP, YOU SHOULD HAVE ADEQUATE CHANGE FOR THE DAY.

It's not my fucking fault you don't understand how retail works. Sometimes someone will buy something from you and you will need to give them change, that is part of your fucking job. Don't give me shit because you don't have sufficient money in your float. In the end she counted out 18 pound coins into my hand, sighing after every three of four, and sarcastically said 'thanks so much for coming' as I left the shop.

Piss off, prick.

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