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Thursday, 2 December 2010


I don't feel like I need to say anything, just look at them. Fuck off PUNX, you glorified hippies.

I really hate punx. I've never met a more useless group of people. Walking around telling everyone that they're just copycats and all look the same as each other, whilst you and your mates all wear leather jackets with 'Leftover Crack' written on them in Tip Ex, over a Casualties t-shirt and your awful bondage trousers with zips that go nowhere, topped off with your fucking retarded Mohawks. Shouting stupid slogans like 'smash the state' and 'fuck the police' before cashing in your (state funded) giro and going back to living in your parents' basement.

To top it all, punk, or at least the god awful 'street punk' that these cretins listen to is the WORST type of music ever. Casualties? Shit. GBH? Shit. Cocksparrer? Shit. UK Subs? Shit. Discharge? Shit. Lower Class Brats? Shit. It's all fucking shit.

If you want to spend your life sitting on street corners, drinking cider, fine. But make sure you drink enough to make you choke and drown in your own vomit, you dirty, smelly fucking hippy pricks. FUCK OFF.

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